Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I'm not sure if this will even be a great thing or a disaster, but the writing bug has gotten to me. I've decided to give at writing a little book a chance. It's really kinda scary. I don't have any clue as what is going to happen. I'm thinking of things as I go along. When I have an idea I write it down and hopefully am able to put it down into a story. That's the hardest part. Making sure the words look and sound good. I shouldn't even worry about that right now, but I just don't want to write a corny book like I did back in High School (I've lost my digital copy from my old lap top). I have more experience with life, love, sex, ideas, but to write a book is like trying to grow my finger nails. ( i have no finger nails because I bite them) You see what I'm saying? 
I've been trying to write a little bit each day. I get stuck a lot. I wonder if it's like that with every writer? Sometimes it doesn't come that easy. I have the pictures, and characters in my head but how do I make them sound interesting on my screen? I have to think of dialogue, actions, feelings, surroundings.. It never ends. 
I know it doesn't happen over night. It might take me a long time to finish this but I'm willing to do it. It may be just a story for me and my friends to read.. I may never do publishing. That sounds silly right now. Anyways, here is a little snippet of my book "November Rain".. I'm only giving the prologue and first chapter. That's it! Enjoy...


I see flashes of light. As bright as day. I see him. Smiling back at me. “One more picture!” I say. Flash. He's gone. The flashes are still there. But he is gone. I don't hear our song anymore. I don't see him with his guitar anymore. The sweet sound of his music is no longer there. “November Rain” is over. Another Flash appears but he still missing. I feel pain. I feel loss. I feel broken. What am I hearing? I hear murmurs of voices talking above me. Where am I? What's happened to me? I feel more pain. I hear myself whisper “My baby. Save my baby”.. It's dark. Flashes are gone. He is gone. I feel no more pain.. Maybe I am gone?

Chapter 1


15 yrs ago I, Marty Mayfield, was deeply in love.. As deeply in love as a 16yr old could be. Swept away from a boy who was my entire life. Matt Cooper was a senior in High School. Graduating and leaving my life to go into the Air Force. He didn't want to leave me. He didn't have a choice. It was either “be on your own with no money, no help from me, or make a life in the family business.” as his Father put it. An 18yr old who couldn't say no to his Father made that choice. He had to leave me. As a 16yr old girl my whole world was filled with Matt. He was my everything..

We knew each other for a couple years before we actually became involved. His family moved to Tampa Bay, Florida from California because of his Dad being in the Air Force. He had 3 older brothers which had already left for the service. I, on the other hand, was an only child. My parents were into Real Estate. They had one of the most successful Real Estate businesses in our city. We had this huge property with a pond in our back yard. In that back yard was a massive Gumbo, Limbo Tree. Branches that weaved in and out from every direction. Matt and I spent many hours, every week under that tree. My dad hung a swing from one of the branches when I was a little girl. The swing was still there so Matt would push me in the wind. Other times he would play his guitar. He would sing to me while I took pictures of him. I couldn't get enough of looking at his perfect face. The most gorgeous blue/gray eyes and lush dark brown hair. If his hair got a little long it would start to curl.. His smile was to die for. He lifted my spirits whenever he looked at me. His voice was breathtaking. I loved hearing him sing.. I Just Loved Him.

I knew he loved me too. He was the first to say those three words to me.. As a gushy girl that I was, I cried and repeated what he said to me .. “I love you too”. Under our Tree, on top of a blanket, under the stars we held each other. We had many moments of almost having sex, but his parents were very strict. We couldn't be in a room without one of them being there. They even discussed things with my parents about “Their Rules”.. My parents worked a lot. They didn't have time to baby sit us. That's why we hung out by the tree so much.. Our private sanctuary. It was away from the house.. Away from “the real world” as I called it.
The night before he left we made love under our tree. It was our first time together. Our first time of feeling each other completely. Lost in each others bodies.. I want to say that it didn't hurt because it did. But Matt was so gentle. So loving. I couldn't believe he was going away. Leaving me. Leaving me behind with the memories we created underneath our tree.. He gave me a gift. It was a gorgeous Sterling Silver necklace with a tree engraved on a round silver coin.. I wore that necklace until I could no longer accept he was ever coming back to me. Loving someone that strongly, as young as I was, It was devastating for me to see him go. To stop believing that he was ever coming back. Through dozens of letters that I mailed to him, I never received one back.. I thought my life was over. Our dreams of getting married and having kids was over. What would I do next?