Saturday, August 3, 2013


Last night I got together with some of my favorite girlfriends for our Book Club meeting.. Our Meetings don't really consist of talking about the latest book we read together, but instead we eat, drink and mingle.. We talk about our book for like 5 min and then go onto another topic .. It's really so much fun to hang out with great people and to relax and enjoy the time we have together..I love catching up with these ladies..Every single one of them is dear to my heart.. (Don't worry, i won't make this blog entry too sappy LOL)..
Anyways we discussed (for 5 min) 

During our many discussions of many topics, we ate some fantastic dishes! I have never tried Kale before and one of my friends made a Kale salad..OMG it was simply Delish! I had to go for seconds!.. It's amazing how something you never thought you would like and then taking a simple bite can change your opinion on it.. That's also how I felt about the pizza another friend made.. I forget the ingredients but I know it had red grapes on it..Wow it was out of this world.. We also had Shrimp Cocktail (YUM) and Cherry Bombs..Holy Crap it was the strongest thing I've ever tasted hahaha! My friend soaked these babies for a month and let me tell ya it was DA BOMB! (yes that was cheesy but what can I say?).. 

I'm not a huge cook but I do like to try new things if I can..Not having a kitchen with counters, at the moment, make it quite hard to accomplish a new dish. But the dish I made was so simple a 3yr old can do it.. I got it off of Pinterest that another good friend posted.. I had to make something because a dessert was NEEDED for our group.. I'm a big one on dessert ;-)  I made Rolo Ritz .. Rolos candy and Ritz Crackers.. And to me these were like CRACK themselves.. It had the right amount of sweet and salty to get your mouth watering.. They looked a little cheap but the gooyness was perfection.. They are also kid approved because my kids and their friends loved them...  

Rolo Ritz

 Place crackers face down on cookie sheet.
 Place a rolo on each cracker. Put in 350 preheated oven for 3-4 min. 
Cook until rolo is Semi melted..
 Once done place another ritz face side up and lightly press on rolo..

So that, my friends, was a great night!