Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bomer is ON FIRE!

Sorry that I've been out of touch lately.. Went on a long week road trip with the fam bam... But I came home to some SWEET EYE CANDY! Can you guess who that may be? My one and only Bomer!!!! So here are a few of those treats that I would love to share...

I'm totally on Fire and need rescuing!!! 
What a site to come home to.. 

Love me some Fireman Bomer

 (Collage was made by random Fan)

Yes, Just a little obsessed ;)


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Never "LOSING HOPE" or Feeling "HOPELESS" When it comes to Colleen Hoover

 Two books that are a MUST READ are "Hopeless" and "Losing Hope" by Colleen Hoover.. It's really hard  for me to think of the words about these two stories.. "Hopeless", in my words, are: ..Mind blowing, surprising, sweet, amazing.. This book is in Sky's POV.. You are drawn to her the moment you open the book. She is brave, intelligent, broken.. Holder comes into her life and the pieces fall together for Sky... 

"Losing Hope" out does "Hopeless". It's hard to believe it but it takes on a whole new journey for the readers and makes you fall in Love with Holder even more.. This book has Holder's POV.. It helps the closure for the story.. Holder is intense, passionate, a hero, also broken, angry, loving.. (Gorgeous... Just look at the cover.. Griffin Peterson is the person on the front. He tried out for American Idol. Colleen Hoover saw him and wanted him for the cover because he looked exactly how she described him.. He's perfect.)

Colleen Hoover has outdone herself with this book. I don't think I've ever read such a powerful story.. I may not have cried but you cannot help but feel the way these characters do. You cannot help but feel Holders anger, sadness, and loss that he has experienced.. You want to hold him.. You want to "LIVE" him.. (you have to read the stories to understand that meaning) Colleen brings out such beautiful words and poetry.. To me the words say so much .. She uses them in a way that no one else has ever done.. She's a brilliant Author... She's a true poet... She is now my top 3 favorite Authors..
You need to read her other series that I also loved

I cannot wait to see what is in store for her next book.. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"GOT" My OMG moment

So I started watching "Games of Thrones" this summer. I really wanted to see what all the crazy hype was about. It really has taken me by surprise.. I didn't think I would like the show..It's a little "out there".. It is one of the craziest shows i've watched.. And I have watched some crazy shows in my days. Nothing can beat Season 3 episode 9, in my opinion.. On Facebook everyone was going NUTS over the latest show.. That's when I said, Ok, I'm gonna give it a try.. Low and behold, I'm speechless!! I just finished  the "OMG" episode.. I'm very upset.... I will not say anything about what happened, but it's a shocker..

King of the North
One of my favorite men on the show is the guy who plays Robb Stark.. He's so handsome.. You can't help but fall in love with him.. He's such a good King.. 

Anyways, that is my splurge for the day..


Sunday, July 7, 2013


(about 1990-91 16yrs old)
Who out there is an Adult but is a wannabe TEEN? Uh, me?  I'm such a dork when it comes to "groupie" stuff.. Music, books, movies, hot guys, etc.. You get the picture..
I'll take you back in time when I was a total dork for "New Kids on The Block".. I was in love with Jordan.. Yes, here is the embarrassing picture of me with my "beloved" ... I had everything from posters, buttons,
 t-shirts, stickers, videos and a barbie doll.. I was an idiot by getting rid of the doll. Who knew I could have made some top dollars on it?..

I hadn't seen my NKOTB in concert since I was about 16... 25yrs later I went to see them up in LA with my sister and a couple of our friends..

We first had some great Happy Hour Food and some drinks.. Lots of drinks.. Lemon Drop Martini's and Irish Creme coffee.. I should say we were a happy bunch..
If you're ever in LA,  go to the "Rock'n Fish".. Great Service, great food and Rock'n Happy Hour prices! $6 for our martini's.. Original price $13..! Crazy.. We got there at a great time..

The opening acts for NKOTB were none other than "Boys to Men" and "98 Degrees".. I'm not a huge fan of those two groups but it didn't matter because the live music and energy from the crowd was fantastic!
I was a bit surprised when I started to get a bit weepy. Must have been the Martini's.. I was so thrilled to see my "boy band" in person and rockin out like it was just yesterday.. Jordan was gorgeous and the music was fun to sing along with... Blast to the Past Baby!!!  

Here is my little snippet of "The Right Stuff"   


Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Yes, lovely ladies and gents here is my ultimate EYE CANDY obsession ... The VERY FINE man,
Matt Bomer.. Here he is walking down the street, off set from, "The Normal Heart"..

Now... My biggest upset about my man is : people dissing him because he's GAY.  I don't give a friggin crap if he is Gay or not! He's a male isn't he? He's the opposite of female right? He just happens to like the other team.. It's not like I'm gonna leave my husband and track him down to have a very naughty night with him..(only in my erotic dreams).. And it's not like he's gonna  want me anyways.. He's just a very good looking man to drool over.. Besides Henry, Matt is the most gorgeous man I have ever laid eyes on.. I'm a 39 yr old woman with a huge teenage like crush on this creature.. I may be married but I'm not blind.. I can fantasize my Matt or any other male from books I read and it makes the reading that more delicious and fun..

Women need to get over the fact that Matt's Gay.. He plays a straight man on "White Collar" and can act his ASS off!
In the beginning of "50 Shades of Grey" I wanted Matt to play Christian.. I think he would do the part justice.. But of course tons of my friends and other people think he wouldn't be able to do it because he's Gay. I think that's a load of CRAP.. But hey it's my opinion and theirs.. To each their own.. Since the hype of Matt playing CG has gone down, I really don't think he'll really get the part and I don't think he wants the part.. That being said, they better get someone that is beyond smokin hot to play CG because right now I only see my Matty when I read the books..

I'm not sure how long my "romance" will go on with Matt Bomer, but for now It's all in fun and damn I can't stop staring at him!...


Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I'm in Love with a GOD..Yes, you read it right. A GOD.. A man who came straight from the heavens of earth.. Henry Cavill, AKA "SUPERMAN"...  Just what the girl at the end of movie said "He's kinda hot".. I'll have to correct her cuz he ain't "kinda hot" HE'S SUPER HOT!  
Besides the late Christopher Reeves, Henry is by far the best Superman ever played... I loved how the story was built around his childhood, memories of him finding how he controlled his strength, and finding out who he was, before he became Clark Kent with glasses.. Lois Lane: Amy Adams is a great Lois....Chemistry hit the ceiling when she and Henry came together .. The kiss was a sky rocket... Fireworks blasted ..Wow..

Henry Cavill is so damn good looking... His build of muscles.. OMFG... He's kind of ruined it for all Men.. No one is that gorgeous.Well except Matt Bomer, but that is a different story on a different day..
This hunk of a man worked his ass off getting that body for the role.. Again, it's a gift for us women....

SuperHenry was perfect for the role. Not a hair was out of place in the battles..NOT ONE.. 
Perfect I tell ya..  

Looking forward to another SUPER treat with the EYE CANDY himself, Henry..


Monday, July 1, 2013


My favorite place to keep track of all my books is ... I've used this site since 2008 and I just love it! I keep a goal of how many books I want to read in one year.. So far I have read 55 books..I want to get up to 70 or more before January 2013..
I'm such a book Junkie..I love books.. I love kinky books such as the Crossfire series..Holy Crappola those books are hot..I love HOT sexy books.. But I also love other types of stories that have nothing to do with sex.. It has to be a great author who has a great sense of writing and style that will want me to keep reading.... Right now I"m reading "Always Watching" by Chevy Stevens.. She wrote the book "Still Missing" which was one of my favorite books ever..It was haunting and so very disturbing.. Always Watching is her 3rd book..I'm hoping that it's a good read.. I hate to be disappointed when a great author has a fall with her anticipated book..
Anyways, check out Shelfari !


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