Thursday, August 1, 2013

A TRIP TO "The McCarthy" Series

Book 9
You know how much I love to read right? There is this series that I have been reading, along with a couple of my friends, by Marie Force.. "The McCarthy" Series... The series takes place in Rhode Island... The author lives there.. There is this Island called "Block Island", but in the series it's called "Gansett Island".. I call it "The Island of Hotties" because on this island is a huge family ( McCarthy) with tons of brothers and their friends and so on.. They are all just so good looking..Even the females are beautiful.. It's really funny because it's so unrealistic.. But it's so much fun to read and fantasize about these good looking men.. Anyways, getting off track here..
Since we have been reading these books we have decided to go on a trip to Rhode Island next year.. Marie Force is having a
 Memorial Day 2014 Reader Weekend in Rhode Island  
on Block Island.. It's a crazy idea but we are determined to meet the author and to take this lovely trip without husbands and without kids.. WE want to make it a Girls Weekend! 

I"m so damn excited because it's a trip outside California! I've been itching to get out of the state and to travel and to me this is the way to go! I've already started saving for the airfare.. I've looked at pictures of Rhode Island and it's just so gorgeous! The Island that our series takes place on is breathtaking ...  
It will be such a blast to meet Marie Force and to see a tour of where she got her inspiration for our "McCarthy" Hotties..

If you are looking for a light, fun, HOT read then "The McCarthy" series may be the series for you..It's a great beach read or to get away from all the intense books you may have read.. That's what I do a lot... But all in all, they are just fun to read.. There are so many characters that it does get a bit overwhelming..But I still enjoy them..

Click on Pinterest to see my McCarthy Series Board..I have pictures of who I would like to play the characters, if there was ever a movie or show.. I enjoy placing faces from actors into the characters when I'm reading..It brings it more meaning to me...