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Fuck! I can't sleep. I need to take a cold shower or I'm gonna go fucking crazy.

    After showering I rummage through my closet and grab my box of old photos I’ve saved over the years. I reach for the picture of me and Marty; we were at the beach, cuddling, smiling - so young. Looking at her beautiful, soft features - radiant smile, I knew, without a doubt, she was the love of my life. Keeping the photo in my hand, I sit outside on my deck and continue to gaze at the picture. There is no way I can get through this night without thinking of her.

Monday, March 10, 2014


A couple little excerpts I made..Please excuse the word "ruff" on excerpt 1, it should say "rough."  Dumb dumb LOL..


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I've a made Facebook Page as : Aspiring Author, Tiffany Salcedo. I thought, why not start promoting even though there is no book out yet? I guess I got excited and carried away. I have a few friends who are reading the book and hopefully will help me edit. The book may not be a masterpiece, but it's something I enjoyed doing and it's easy, fun reading.
I finally wrote a Synopsis for "November Rain." Hope this interests you to want to read the book. I'm not sure when I will have it out. I'm planning on doing an E-book since it's free. I'm also still researching on how to publish through E-book..Maybe Amazon and Nook?

Anyways, here goes:

What would you do if the love of your life had to walk away? At only 16 Marty Mayfield fell in love with the only boy who ever mattered to her. Losing him meant making life choices that changed who she was and who she became as a grown woman. 15 years later she sees him again. All the memories they shared came back in an instant. She was still in love with him.

Matt Cooper had to walk away. At 18 he left for the Air Force. It was not a choice he wanted but the plan his Father made for him. He chose never to contact her again. He thought he could live without her, but this choice only brought him agony. He thought he’d never see or touch her again until 15 years later, one summer night.


Monday, December 9, 2013


Sandy (Mandy Moore)
I guess this is a good place to talk about my books.. I've finished "November Rain" and having some friends read it and critique it. Now I'm onto another book..More like a sequel but with different characters. I'm not going to reveal the title but I will give you one little snippet. But before I do that here are the two people I have envisioned in the story. Their names are Quinn and Sandy. Sandy is supposed to be a bit short but Mandy Moore has the face, eyes, hair that I pictured.. Joe M. Is pure sexiness!

Quinn (Joe Manganiello)

 Okay so here is the snippet:
  I swear to God my cock was still throbbing by the time we headed back to my place. What she gave me tonight was fucking brilliant. After hours of watching her go from one table to the next, her sexy ass swaying back and forth, was torture. I was relieved when she finally reached her last table of the night. I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to be inside her. Now, I know this wasn’t appropriate behavior on both counts but who said I was going to play by the rules? Sandy has made her way inside my needs and I hope to believe that I’m helping her as much as she’s helping me. She’s a woman. I’m a man. We fucked good tonight and I plan on fucking her plenty more in my bed.

  When she mentioned that her son was staying at a friends house I made plans. She kept her car at Reds while I drove Pops truck back to the house. It was after eleven when we drove into the driveway. The light in the living room was off but the flickering of the tv was going. Pop was passed out on the couch, snoring. Sandy felt awkward coming to the house at first but I told her that my room was in the back and she didn’t need to worry.
  “Wow, what a great room. So nice in here.” Sandy commented, looking around.
  “Yeah, it’s alright. It’s not my home in Nevada, but it will do, for now.”
  She sat on the bed, looking at me while I stood, arms crossed, looking at her.
  “You must miss Nevada, huh?”
  Nodding my head, “Yeah.”
  “Come here.” She said as she patted the spot next to her. No thinking twice on my end as I made my way towards her warm body. I immediately covered her with my arms and leaned her down onto my bed. She moaned in glory when I took hold of her mouth. Like she always does, she wrapped her legs around my middle while I roughly kissed her.
  “Lets get cleaned up in the shower, baby.” I whispered in her ear.
  “Mmmm, sounds good.”
  Fuck me, I loved that tone. So sexy, and hungry.
  “Stand up. Take off your clothes for me.” Even though I wanted to rip her clothes off myself, I wanted to see what she looked like doing it herself. I wanted to see what I miss out every day. She stood in front of me, looking up, with her innocent, playful eyes. She slowly crumpled her fingers at the edge of her shirt and lifted it up, over her head. Her fingers made it to her hair, pulling out her ponytail, making her long wavy, brown locks fall onto her chest. Holy shit. Still looking up at me, she unclasped her bra, releasing her arms from the straps, letting it fall to the ground. Her hair was teasing me by covering her nipples. I removed the ends from them, tickled each nip and watched them pucker up. I looked into Sandy’s eyes and noticed they were on fire for me. Big green-eyed beauty, standing in front of me, tits hanging out, wanting my touch.
  “Fuckin’ gorgeous, Shorty. Turn around. Let me see how you take off your jeans.” I stepped back to see her do her tease. I could see her fumbling with the button and zippers, which drove me crazy. She bent forward as she wiggled her way out of those tight, denim blue jeans. She looked back at me as I watched her. My hands were itching to take control but I held myself together as I observed. The jeans were all the way to the ground. She stepped out of them and what was left was a site for any man to drool over. She was bent over, silky black panties covering most of her ass, and up for my enjoyment. I rubbed her round, beautiful behind and lightly smacked it. She yelped. Wow, so hot. The redness it left behind was mind boggling. I pushed her until she was chest down onto the bed. I licked and tasted the red mark that I left and pulled her panties down. Her breathing was rapid. Her moaning was unforgettable. She was simply irresistable. I spread her legs just enough so I could push my finger inside her wetness. She gasped from my touch. I licked up and down her spin while I kept my finger busy. I could feel her move with every stroke. She was ready for me.
  “God, that feels so good.” Sandy said to me.
  “Beautiful. That’s what I like to hear. I want to make you feel good, Shorty.”
  “Yes, please.”
  My finger was on a role. My mouth met every part of her back. My dick was aching to meet her opening while listening to her groan. I didn’t want to make her come this way, so I pulled my finger out. She let out a gasp. “Don’t worry, baby, I’m not done with you yet.”
  “My turn to watch you undress.” No hint of hesitation in her voice. She’s now in command and that makes me want her even more. There she sits, naked, pure, curvy, hungry. I yank off my t-shirt and discard it onto the ground. She bites her bottom lip with a gleam in her eye. The only sounds in the room are my belt unbuckling, and my heart slamming through my chest. I kick off my shoes and tear down my jeans. Her eyes open wide from the sight of my boxer briefs. She knows what’s waiting for her when I discard my briefs. I have never, in my days of sleeping with other women, have I felt so drawn to one person. She seems to know exactly what she wants and knows exactly how to make a man, like myself, feel insanely crazy. Crazy, fucking, good.
  I so badly wanted her to grab my shaft and use her mouth to make me swell but instead she grinned at me, walked passed my boner, went into the bathroom and left me standing like a growling animal. That’s what I did..I growled. I chuckled and then raced into the bathroom. She squealed with laughter when I came up and wrapped my arms around her.
  “Not very nice.” I huskily said in her ear.
  “I need a shower, Wolf.” She laughed.
  “There’s that name again. Wolf. Are you gonna explain that to me?”
  “Not right now.” She turns into me, arms tucked between our chests. “Right now, I want you to scrub me down.” Lips meet my chest. Holy shit. I pick her up from the waist and bring us both into the steaming spray of water.
  I lathered every inch of every curve until she was soaking in bubbles. I massaged the soap, into her skin, and made her groan. “God, that feels amazing.” Her body was in front of mine. Head was down, hair wet, and shoulders relaxed. I could do this all night but I wanted to get her into bed. I turned her around and leaned her back into the spray of water. Her eyes closed while the water tumbled down her face, her lavishing breasts, and all the goodness in between.
  “You are one sexy woman.” I said to her as I bent down to kiss her throat.
  “Mmmm, even with the lovely stretchmarks left behind?” She chuckled. I didn’t like her talking down about herself. I loved her body. Stretchmarks or not.
  “Whoa, Sandy,” I held her face up to mine and responded. “Since when are you self conscience of yourself?”
  “I’m not, exactly. It’s just, every so often a woman, in my position, gets a bit worried when some dark and dreamy man enters her life and unravels her most secretive spots. You make me feel amazingly sexy, and beautiful. I’m a bit baffled by that. I love that I’m still wanted even though I have a son and you’re willing to be with me. Most guys would turn the other direction if they knew I was a single Mom.”
  I caress her cheek with the pad of my thumb. “Then those guys are fuckin’ insane because anyone who passes up on someone who brought their child into this world to raise him on their own is incredibly brave.  And these stretchmarks,” I rub her lower belly, “are beautiful. You’re a beautiful woman, Shorty.” She stretches on her tip toes, wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me. Our bodies are wet and clamped together. Hot tongues moving in sync. Fuck me, knowing I don’t deserve this woman, I am seriously whipped.


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So how are you enjoying my little snippets? I have written quite a lot and I'm actually liking what I'm creating. One thing I can tell you is that Marty is not my favorite person right now. She's a bit bitter because Of something that had happened to her so I'm hoping she will have her wall broken down later on down the line. But as of right now she's a little bitchy to me .... Enjoy the 3rd snippet....

Chapter 3
Marty: 2013

“Congratulations, Marty, you've come a long way in the last year”
I'm thinking, what the hell? Why should I be happy about this strange milestone? But it's true. I've come so far from where I was a year ago today. I don't have it in me to smile but I do say to my shrink,
“It really is so hard to believe that it's been a year. I never thought I would see this day”
Damn..I should have been dead.
“You have made a huge improvement from when I met you the first time. You should be very proud of yourself” Dr. Rose put her notebook aside and patted me on the hand. “Have you thought about your plans that we discussed last week?”
I look down at my hands and nod my head “Yeah. I think I'm ready to move forward. I'm not sure how I would have survived this year if it wasn't for my parents and for you, Dr. Rose. Thank you.” I really wanted to cry but took a deep breath instead.
She handed me a card. “Here is Dr. Katz's number just in case you decide you need to talk to
someone.” Dr. Katz came to one of my sessions because I was thinking of moving to San Diego and Dr. Rose thought it would be best to have someone who I can go to, just in case I needed to talk. I agreed .
“Thanks. I'll keep her number close”
. . . . .
“I still don't understand why you want to leave so soon. It's only been one year, Marty” My mother said. I had just gotten back home from my last session with Dr. Rose. Mom and I were in the kitchen. It overlooked the pond and the big limbo tree out back. Windows from floor to ceiling cascaded around the kitchen into the living set area.. It was a favorite hangout for the family.
We were both at the bar counter, drinking coffee. As usual, Mom had her ipad available, scrolling through her latest updates on all the new houses available.
I took a deep breath “Mom, we talked about this remember? Dr. Rose agrees that I'm in a better place now. I have to do this for myself. I can't stay under yours and Dads wings anymore. I really need to leave.”
“But why California, my dear? Why do you need to leave here, again?”
“Who's leavin again?” And here comes my dad. A big barreled chest of a man. My mom looked so tiny next to him. Her 5'3 length was no comparison to my 6'3 father. They made a striking couple. Mom had hazel eyes with a petite figure. Dad had a full head of thick silver hair and big light brown eyes. He was and is a very handsome older man. Mom still went weak in the knees with him. I envied their marriage.
I rolled my eyes, “Dad, I'm moving to San Diego, remember? You said I could stay in our vacation home, in Delmar?”
Clueless parents..Or desperate to keep me here.
Dad kissed my cheek. “Hello, darlin.” A true southerner. “So, it's really happenin?”
Ugh, hell. “Yes, it's really happening. I know you think I need more time, but the fact is I feel ready. No. I am ready.”
Dad put his big hands on my shoulders, looked at me in the eyes. He glanced at mom. “Charlotte, she needs to go.”
I exhaled. Mom looked at dad and said “Conrad, I know.. I know” And nothing was further said. I finally felt relief.
I may not be one hundred percent all better, but I'm headed in the right direction. Dad handed me the key to our condo. This little key was a huge reminder for how far my life has come. This may sound so corny, but this simple key was the key to my future.

Dad gave me a big hug and said “I'm so proud of you, darlin. I love ya.”
I'm not gonna cry.. I won't cry. But the tears welled up.
“I know. I love you too. I'll be ok. I have to be ok. I have no other choice” I gave mom a hug, went up to my room, and started packing.

Just breathe, just breathe. It's only a 6 hour flight. You have flown before. I really hate flying. Not my favorite way to travel. I've traveled many times overseas but I still hate being up in the air. I feel out of control. So I keep breathing. I close my eyes, turn on my ipod and tune out the rest of my thoughts.
Well, I tried to tune everything out until the girl next to me started yapping in my ear.
“I just love that song you're listenin' to.” Great, can I go back to my music now?
I slowly turn my head and look at her. I take out my earbuds.
“Excuse me?”
She gives me her hand to shake.
“Hi! I didn't mean to disturb you but I'm Amy. Amy Heart”
I didn't want to be a bitch so I shook her hand back.
“Um, hello.” I really don't want to give her my name. I'm not in the mood for this.
“And your name is?” Ok, so I should be nice and give her my name too.
“Marty! Wow, such a cute name!” She's too stinkin happy and bubbly. She looks like she came from a beauty pageant or something. Big blonde hair, big smile, big white teeth. She's pretty and all, but just very pageanty. “You don't hear many women with that name. Very unique” She loves to smile. I try my best to give her a smile back.
“Thanks... I guess” sorta smiled
She continues to gab
“So, I've been traveling from Texas. Texas is my home state.” I should have known “I went to Florida for a beauty pageant” Shit I was right. A beauty queen. “but didn't make the finals. So now I'm headed to San Diego for another Pageant. I'm a very persistent woman. I never give up! I may not be as young as I was once before, but ….......”
I zone her out. She's talking too damn fast I can't keep up.
“Anyways, what brings you on this flight?”
I can't. I can't talk about anything. How am I going to say this without sounding like a prick?
“I'm sorry, I don't want to be rude or anything, but I'm just not in a good place right now to open up about my life.”
She gave me a pouty look. God I'm a horrible person
“Oh my, I'm so sorry sweetie! I didn't mean to pry.”
Exhale. Relief.
“It's ok. I just need some rest right now”
Amy pats my hand
“Sugar, I'm here if you need to chat.”
I actually smile back.
“Thanks” Back to music. Back to tuning out my thoughts, and extra voices.


I felt another tap on my shoulder. It was Amy.
“Rise and shine, Sweetie, we're ready to land”

Wow, I can't believe I actually slept through the flight. What did the flight attendant put in my water?
“Oh, gosh, thanks.” I put my ipod away and buckle up.
“My, my can you sleep! I can never sleep in these stiff chairs.”
Stiff is right. Now my neck hurts
Rolling my neck I say “Yeah, well, I'm as shocked as you are.”
“I want to give you my number” Amy handed me a card “I'll be staying in Delmar for awhile. There are a few pageants and such so they require me to reside in the city. Not sure how long I'll be around but just in case, maybe we can get together and have a nice long chat?”
Oh boy. She wants to be friends. And she is residing in Delmar of all places. My luck.
“Oh, uh, thanks. I'll keep that in mind”
“Please don't hesitate. I really am a good listener.” I feel like such a jerk for not being as nice to her as she was to me. But all I can say is, is “Thanks”
The plane finally lands and I feel another sense of relief . A relief to finally be on my own. No one to hold my hand anymore. No one to feel sorry for me. I finally get to be.....Me...


The condo was an ocean front home, with a spectacular view of the ocean and beach. It was a quaint, 2 story gray house. It was covered with gray wooded shingles and luscious vines that were growing around the property. My parents must have a Gardner to keep up the area, because the plants along the side of the house were neatly trimmed and I didn't see any tree leaves lying anywhere.
I brought my bags into the house. Just like the Florida home, this place had windows in every direction. I could see the ocean as I entered the den. The den was adjacent to the kitchen. There was also a beautiful deck that led out onto the beach.
For the first time in a long while, I was able to smile.. I could feel the energy. The positive energy, filling me up. Finally a place I can call home.
Oh shit, speaking of home I need to call my parents. I can't have them going insane if they don't hear from me. I dig through my bag and find my phone. It rings a couple times before anyone picks up.
“Hey Dad! I'm here, safe and sound” Please don't be having a cow right now.. Please...
“Marty, my God we were startin' to worry!” Yep, on the verge of having a cow.
“I'm sorry. I got caught up in the moment of getting here. I didn't mean to worry you.”
I could hear Mom in the background asking Dad questions
“Dad, tell Mom I'm ok and that I love her.”
“Calm down, Charlotte! Your daughter is A OK! Anywho, Marty, I love ya and we're glad you made it. How's the place? Is it tidied up for ya?”
Sighing I said “It's perfect Dad. It's beautiful. So I'm gonna go now. I have a lot of unpacking to do. I'll call you some time this weekend ok?”
I could still hear some gabbing from Mom in the background.. I need to get off already!
“Okey Dokey, Darlin. Talk to you soon.. Bye now”
“Bye Dad” Click.. Phone is off. I look at my luggage and decide that the unpacking can wait. Time to enjoy the beautiful view.