Sunday, August 11, 2013


Another rich, unique story by Amy Harmon: Running Barefoot   ... This Author writes with such deepness, and such beauty that it's hard to put her books down.. She has a way with putting nature and love into one story to draw your attention... This story has a lot of heartfelt faith and love.. Her two main characters are so passionate about what matters to them .. They are put together at a time when they needed each other the most.. Age makes a huge difference because Samuel is 18 and Josie is 13... They bring the best out of each other and connect like no other... I don't want to say anything more about the story because you need to read it yourself.. I could go on and on about these two people.. You'll find a lot of Native American stories within this book.. It's very interesting to learn through Samuel about how much his "people" mean to him.. He may be half Native/White, but his heritage means everything to him.. Music is also a big part of the book. Classical music may not be my favorite music to listen to but I can appreciate the characters feelings towards it.. 

Amy Harmon... She's way up on my top Favorite Authors.. 
I just bought another one of her books: 

If only I could write a book as deep and loving as this author.. It makes me want to try to write..HA! we will see.. I tried writing a book in High School.. I edited it like a thousand times over the last 20yrs.. I lost my computer edits which makes me sad.. But over time I may try again.. I see a lot of self publishing these days.. It's seems like the way to go if you are driven to write..  Happy Reading!