Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I'm in Love with a GOD..Yes, you read it right. A GOD.. A man who came straight from the heavens of earth.. Henry Cavill, AKA "SUPERMAN"...  Just what the girl at the end of movie said "He's kinda hot".. I'll have to correct her cuz he ain't "kinda hot" HE'S SUPER HOT!  
Besides the late Christopher Reeves, Henry is by far the best Superman ever played... I loved how the story was built around his childhood, memories of him finding how he controlled his strength, and finding out who he was, before he became Clark Kent with glasses.. Lois Lane: Amy Adams is a great Lois....Chemistry hit the ceiling when she and Henry came together .. The kiss was a sky rocket... Fireworks blasted ..Wow..

Henry Cavill is so damn good looking... His build of muscles.. OMFG... He's kind of ruined it for all Men.. No one is that gorgeous.Well except Matt Bomer, but that is a different story on a different day..
This hunk of a man worked his ass off getting that body for the role.. Again, it's a gift for us women....

SuperHenry was perfect for the role. Not a hair was out of place in the battles..NOT ONE.. 
Perfect I tell ya..  

Looking forward to another SUPER treat with the EYE CANDY himself, Henry..