Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Yes, lovely ladies and gents here is my ultimate EYE CANDY obsession ... The VERY FINE man,
Matt Bomer.. Here he is walking down the street, off set from, "The Normal Heart"..

Now... My biggest upset about my man is : people dissing him because he's GAY.  I don't give a friggin crap if he is Gay or not! He's a male isn't he? He's the opposite of female right? He just happens to like the other team.. It's not like I'm gonna leave my husband and track him down to have a very naughty night with him..(only in my erotic dreams).. And it's not like he's gonna  want me anyways.. He's just a very good looking man to drool over.. Besides Henry, Matt is the most gorgeous man I have ever laid eyes on.. I'm a 39 yr old woman with a huge teenage like crush on this creature.. I may be married but I'm not blind.. I can fantasize my Matt or any other male from books I read and it makes the reading that more delicious and fun..

Women need to get over the fact that Matt's Gay.. He plays a straight man on "White Collar" and can act his ASS off!
In the beginning of "50 Shades of Grey" I wanted Matt to play Christian.. I think he would do the part justice.. But of course tons of my friends and other people think he wouldn't be able to do it because he's Gay. I think that's a load of CRAP.. But hey it's my opinion and theirs.. To each their own.. Since the hype of Matt playing CG has gone down, I really don't think he'll really get the part and I don't think he wants the part.. That being said, they better get someone that is beyond smokin hot to play CG because right now I only see my Matty when I read the books..

I'm not sure how long my "romance" will go on with Matt Bomer, but for now It's all in fun and damn I can't stop staring at him!...