Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"GOT" My OMG moment

So I started watching "Games of Thrones" this summer. I really wanted to see what all the crazy hype was about. It really has taken me by surprise.. I didn't think I would like the show..It's a little "out there".. It is one of the craziest shows i've watched.. And I have watched some crazy shows in my days. Nothing can beat Season 3 episode 9, in my opinion.. On Facebook everyone was going NUTS over the latest show.. That's when I said, Ok, I'm gonna give it a try.. Low and behold, I'm speechless!! I just finished  the "OMG" episode.. I'm very upset.... I will not say anything about what happened, but it's a shocker..

King of the North
One of my favorite men on the show is the guy who plays Robb Stark.. He's so handsome.. You can't help but fall in love with him.. He's such a good King.. 

Anyways, that is my splurge for the day..