Monday, July 1, 2013


My favorite place to keep track of all my books is ... I've used this site since 2008 and I just love it! I keep a goal of how many books I want to read in one year.. So far I have read 55 books..I want to get up to 70 or more before January 2013..
I'm such a book Junkie..I love books.. I love kinky books such as the Crossfire series..Holy Crappola those books are hot..I love HOT sexy books.. But I also love other types of stories that have nothing to do with sex.. It has to be a great author who has a great sense of writing and style that will want me to keep reading.... Right now I"m reading "Always Watching" by Chevy Stevens.. She wrote the book "Still Missing" which was one of my favorite books ever..It was haunting and so very disturbing.. Always Watching is her 3rd book..I'm hoping that it's a good read.. I hate to be disappointed when a great author has a fall with her anticipated book..
Anyways, check out Shelfari !