Sunday, July 7, 2013


(about 1990-91 16yrs old)
Who out there is an Adult but is a wannabe TEEN? Uh, me?  I'm such a dork when it comes to "groupie" stuff.. Music, books, movies, hot guys, etc.. You get the picture..
I'll take you back in time when I was a total dork for "New Kids on The Block".. I was in love with Jordan.. Yes, here is the embarrassing picture of me with my "beloved" ... I had everything from posters, buttons,
 t-shirts, stickers, videos and a barbie doll.. I was an idiot by getting rid of the doll. Who knew I could have made some top dollars on it?..

I hadn't seen my NKOTB in concert since I was about 16... 25yrs later I went to see them up in LA with my sister and a couple of our friends..

We first had some great Happy Hour Food and some drinks.. Lots of drinks.. Lemon Drop Martini's and Irish Creme coffee.. I should say we were a happy bunch..
If you're ever in LA,  go to the "Rock'n Fish".. Great Service, great food and Rock'n Happy Hour prices! $6 for our martini's.. Original price $13..! Crazy.. We got there at a great time..

The opening acts for NKOTB were none other than "Boys to Men" and "98 Degrees".. I'm not a huge fan of those two groups but it didn't matter because the live music and energy from the crowd was fantastic!
I was a bit surprised when I started to get a bit weepy. Must have been the Martini's.. I was so thrilled to see my "boy band" in person and rockin out like it was just yesterday.. Jordan was gorgeous and the music was fun to sing along with... Blast to the Past Baby!!!  

Here is my little snippet of "The Right Stuff"